Toastmasters has played a key role in my life and career. The journey from an IT engineer to Director of Growth in a global company would not have been possible without the transformational experience I had through Toastmasters. Leadership lessons learned from serving in multiple roles across club, area, division, and district have helped me navigate numerous personal and professional challenges.


In my life, family and friends rank high. My parents are the most supportive people I know. They have always stressed on my sister and I living our lives to the fullest without compromising on our values. My sister serves in the armed forces and I enjoy spending time with my little nephew.

I often volunteer my time for social causes I feel strongly about. For “Janagraha,” a citizen awareness non-profit, I was involved in creating awareness about the importance of exercising your vote in elections. I also often volunteer with “The Ugly Indian,” a movement to help clean the streets of Bangalore.

I love travelling; it is something that rejuvenates me and helps me gain perspective. Apart from travelling extensively in India, I have also travelled across the USA, Europe, and Asia.

As a yoga and meditation practitioner, I have come to appreciate the power of awareness and staying fit. It has helped me become cognizant and compassionate both in my professional and personal life.


Over the past decade, in my professional capacity, I have shouldered the responsibilities of managing multiple product and services businesses across the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Australia, and New Zealand regions.

Having worked in the Technology, Education, and Digital Advertising sectors, I have learned a great deal about each area and have navigated through its evolving customer needs. By engaging with clients and scaling businesses across different parts of the world, I have deepened my understanding of cultures and the sensitivities required for product-market fit.

On average, I have had to manage businesses worth $20 Million annually. While working with clients that have such global portfolios, I have participated in strategic planning, managing business, and improving market share. Each of these projects required maintaining sustainability of the business and also, anticipating changes impacting the business.

I believe that my professional expertise will augment the board’s deliberations on the current strategic plan, and collaboratively help with seeding the key components for the 2020 strategic plan to enhance the experience provided by Toastmasters International.


I am a firm believer in Toastmasters and the benefits it brings people. Before I joined Toastmasters, I was an engineer who was more comfortable talking to computer screens than people. My journey from a shy engineer to the director of a global company; from a reserved member to International Director Candidate, has been a transformational one.

I started my journey with District 82 and have served both District 82 and District 92, after realignment, with distinction. The guiding force of my leadership journey has been my strong belief that every member matters, and every club is important. It is this belief that helped my team and me at District 92 to lead over 100% (104%) of our clubs to Distinguished Status or beyond in my term as District Director.

I am keen to help more people discover Toastmasters and let them experience its benefits. Serving as International Director with my peers on the board would be an honor and privilege to help facilitate the best interests of members and our organization.