Building Tomorrow Together

In a fast moving world where technology is changing the way we speak and lead, Toastmasters has never been more relevant. We have a unique opportunity to shape the future - to prioritize people, streamline process, and achieve growth. Let us Build Tomorrow Together.

Prioritize People

The value of Toastmasters may be different for each of us, but it begins with a personal connection between members of clubs. We reap the benefits of Toastmasters when we learn and respect each individual’s goals and do our best to support each other.

With the needs of people evolving, Toastmasters has to remain relevant and intuitive. Our organization has never been as diverse as we are today. We need to embrace members across cultures, demographics, and professions. Our biggest strength is our membership, and we need to empower our members to apply their skills for the betterment of themselves and the world around them.

Streamline Process

With the infusion of Pathways and technology into the Toastmasters program, we are catering to the needs of members who inhabit an evolving global workplace. We need to offer our program in a manner that anticipates and best serves the requirements of members per location, language, and situation.

Adequate utilization of resources is always the aim of every organization. There are always opportunities for us to optimize our processes. Our program is designed for self-development and structured for self-pace. As we move into the digital era, the way we allow our members to derive the best out of our program will be the key to successfully attracting and retaining our members.

Achieve Growth

You and I have grown as individuals through Toastmasters. For Toastmasters to achieve its envisioned future, organizational growth is as important as the growth of the member.

A focused approach to how members are accessing, learning from, and contributing towards Toastmasters will help us grow in a manner that is sensible and sustainable. Improving the balance between efforts and results by appreciating cultural, regional, and demographical sensitivities will fuel the growth in realizing the vision of Toastmasters.